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Mission: OCEANM19 LLC is committed to being an active single family investment office focused on generating superior investment results within a collegial environment that encourages a culture of excellence, partnership, respect and integrity.

OCEANM19 LLC (“OM19”) is a Chicagoland-based, single-family investment office that has concentrated allocations to direct private equity investments, hedge funds, venture capital and real estate. OM19’s founders established institutional investment firms in the private equity and hedge fund industries. Rooted in the entrepreneurial spirit of our team, we are passionate about partnering to accelerate growth and forging scalable business models. Our patient capital affords us substantial transactional flexibility. We pride ourselves on our ability to make decisions quickly and efficiently. 

OM19 targets businesses with defensible market positions, high operating leverage and significant barriers to entry for private equity transactions.  We typically seek control positions. Our team has a proven record of collaborating with seasoned management teams and aligning incentives to help build shareholder value. We focus on sectors including niche manufacturing, tech-enabled business services and food and ingredients. OM19 is an ideal partner for entrepreneurial business owners and operating teams looking to scale rapidly while also preserving existing culture and legacy.

OM19 seeks hedge fund partnerships with managers who have have repeatable and durable investment processes. We believe that public market competition is fierce and that sustainable advantages manifest through acute focus, so our long-term partnerships are formed with sector and subsector specialists.  

OM19 pursues venture capital partnerships with both founders of revenue-generating businesses and fund models that fit into the same sectors we target for our private equity investments.  We leverage our unique institutional knowledge and professional networks to cultivate business growth. 

How We Partner in Private Equity

Executing on business growth

OM19 works closely with entrepreneurs and management in areas such as strategy formulation, operational improvement, product line growth, strategic acquisitions and financing structures with the goal of unlocking sustainable value in companies.

Partnering with founders and management

OM19 values the experience and institutional knowledge of experienced founders and management teams. We leverage our history of business-building to contribute value-added services and advice wherever possible.  At the advent of every partnership, we align our interests with those of the founders and management team to execute most efficiently on improvement opportunities and quickly identify the company’s successful growth plan.  Founders and management have the opportunity to invest alongside our capital, contribute to the long-term growth strategy and retain daily operational control. 

Private Equity Investments

Target Sectors

OM19 typically seeks controlling investments in businesses with $10 to $100 million in revenue and EBITDA ranging from $2 to $10 million.  We prefer to align our interests with management to further the growth of companies with: significant barriers to entry, a diversified customer base, stable and recurring cash flow and high operating leverage.   

Niche Manufacturing

Niche Manufacturing

Business Services

Business Services

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Food & Ingredients


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